About Us

The New Zealand Paint Manufacturers Association Incorporated (NZPMA) is governed by the membership rather than an elected Council. Members attend regular meetings three times a year. The Association believes general meetings allow greater and more timely input from members.

The day to day management of the Association is the responsibility of an elected Secretariat who is employed by the group on a part time basis.

An issue that continues to confront this committee is uniformity of the labelling and packaging legislation between New Zealand and Australia which we are working through with our counterparts the Australian Paint Manufacturers Federation (Inc). In addition the NZPMA has recently participated in a regulation review and trial application workshops with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and the Ministry for the Environment (MfE).

The Association also deals with issues relating to the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) legislation and is concerned that the implementation of complex and unique chemical control legislation will create serious barriers for New Zealands science and technology based industries - especially in areas relating to technology transfer and compliance costs. This committee is very active in lobbying the Ministry and EPA in order to achieve the following outcomes for the membership:

  • harmonisation of property thresholds with other major jurisdictions
  • rapid assessment process for low risk substances
  • minimal compliance costs
  • effective industry education programmes
  • protection of confidential business information.

Max Whitehead, Industrial Relations Consultant with the Employers and Manufacturers Association provides meetings with valuable information stemming from Employment Court rulings, political party policies and union related activity.In addition to information linkages that stem from the above, members see additional benefits as being:

  • networking with fellow members
  • keeping abreast with important issues
  • researching and disseminating relevant industry information
  • representation before legislative and government bodies
  • assisting with the development of regulations and standards