Current Initiatives

The NZPMA balances the competitive drive of individual companies with the opportunities to act collectively on significant issues.

Following are a few of the initiatives we are working on:

Proficiency Testing

This is a free testing programme for members and is designed to provide a platform for comparative testing amongst NZPMA member companies.

Tests are carried out twice a year, with an average of 40 samples being sent in both April and September each year. A list of 15 tests is included, that can be carried out at each company’s discretion. When the results are returned, they are confidentially analysed, and a summary of all the results, along with some basic statistical data is sent to all participating members. The individual data is then compared to the summary, and confidentially returned to each company, along with any comments where the results are inconsistent.

This programme has been opened up to non-members, for a fee of $300 per test. This includes the courier of the paint sample and analysis of results.

Wynyard Wharf Support

Wynyard Wharf, or the “Tank Farm”, is the major bulk liquid storage facility in Auckland, of which 10% relates to paint manufacturing.

In the early 2000’s, the Auckland Waterfront Development area was proposed, which included the full redevelopment of Wynyard Wharf. The NZPMA originally assisted in the Mark Lawrence led project to understand the full economic impact of the facilities, and this led to the extension of the operating leases through to 2026, while a new location is being sourced.

The NZPMA are currently working with the various parties involved to ensure that the final location choice is the best option available in regards to both safety and commercial viability.

Government Submissions

The NZPMA keeps a watch on any new Acts, Regulations and/or Codes of Practise that may impact on the industry.

Members are made aware of proposed changes, and where required, the NZPMA makes submissions on behalf of the industry.

At present, we are keeping a watch on:

  • Worksafe and Changes to the Health and Safety in Work Act

  • EPA Amendments