Alchemy Agencies

Alchemy Agencies

Alchemy specialise in the importation & distribution of specialty chemicals &
food ingredients. Our experienced team is passionate about providing superior
service and knowledge to our valued customers and outstanding suppliers.

Products and Services

Resins, Amino Crosslinkers, Catalysts, Elastomers, Biocides, Additives, Colour Pigments, Fillers, Solvents, Polymerisation


Aqualon, Natrosol, Culminal, Klucel, Aquaflow, Aquapas, M-Pyrol


Nobel NC

Bayferrox, Colortherm, Levanyl, Levanox, Bayfast, Bayplast, Macrolex, Preventol

Acclaim, Arcol, Baybond, Baycusan, Bayhydrol, Bayhydur, Bayhytherm, Crelan, Desavin, Desmocap, Desmodur, Desmolac, Desmophen, Desmotherm, Imprafix, Impranil, Impraperm, Mondur, Multranol, Pergut

Aerosol, Cyasorb

Beckocure, Beckopox, Daotan, Duroftal, Duroxyn, Macrynal, Phenodur, Resydrol, Ucecryl, Viacryl, Cymel, Cylink, Alpex, Additol, Modaflow

Stepan, Steposol, Polystep


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