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Competenz is the industry training organisation for the manufacturing sector, as well as 24 other sectors.

The current manufacturing qualifications are under review by the It covers a wide range of areas, however the manufacturing qualifications are now general, to ensure that candidates can work in a wider variety of manufacturing industries. These are being looked at now,

Competenz is funded by government to ensure employees in its industry sectors have the skills they need to meet current and future requirements.

Competenz helps kiwis build skills, careers and businesses. We develop national qualifications and make it easy to learn on the job.

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  • the National Certificates in Paint Manufacturing levels 2 & 3,
  • Qualifications in Competitive Manufacturing levels 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • Business and First Line Management qualifications levels 3 & 4
  • Distribution and Warehousing qualifications levels 2 & 3.

For more specialised training, there is the following:


The Surface Coatings Association Australia (SCAA) has been the provider of technical education to the coatings industry for many years, largely via classroom-based courses, and mainly in Sydney and Melbourne. But today, not everyone has the flexibility in their time nor in their location to attend such courses.
To meet these needs, the SCAA has developed its Certificate of Surface Coatings Technology course into a self-paced, e-learning format. The development was assisted by the Australian Paint Manufacturers’ Federation, and with contributory funding by the NSW Department of Education and Training. SCAA is delighted to have its program delivered in partnership with RMIT Training.


Technical staff, including laboratory chemists and sales staff, who are either working in, or wish to enter the paint, ink or other coatings related industries.
Students of this course are generally employed by paint or ink manufacturers, raw material suppliers or manufacturers who are users of coatings.


Due to the level of technical content, the general requirement is a degree or diploma in chemistry (or equivalent qualification). However, those without a tertiary qualification may apply but must have successfully completed a secondary (Year 12) certificate including chemistry, and must have at least 5 years of relevant experience in the coatings or related industry.


The course syllabus comprises 49 lessons in total, structured into 6 units. All lesson content is provided via a set of two CDs.


The normal course fee is A$2,500 (for students who are not SCAA / SCANZ members), and A$1,750 for SCAA / SCANZ members. These fees are GST exempt (in Australia). The course is designed for entry level technologists in the paint, ink or coatings related industries. It comprises 49 lessons of self-paced computer-based learning over 12-18 months. Click here for further details and application for admission to the course.

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